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Ashish Nursery is the first and oldest Christian co-education early years organisation in Wakad since 1987.It provides a challenging, S.T.E.A.M integrated curriculum in a healthy, joyful environment. It provides rich, time-tested approach to early years education We do not race from one milestone to the next, rather we cultivate children’s capacities as they emerge, building confidence and a love of learning naturally along the way.

Ashish Nursery is a brain child of Smt Rohini Gaikwad, a visionary educationist. It was established in 1987 in Wakad.

The Ashish Nursery community includes families of diverse socio-economic and ethnic diversity from our hometown, Wakad, and surrounding towns. The Languages spoken at home are Marathi and Hindi.

Nursery & Kindergartens have approximate teacher and student ratio of 25:1.These classes have one head teacher and one assistant teacher, depending on the nature of activity, teachers as needed are made available to assist.

Our curriculum is based on Early Years Foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S) U.K framework. Our extensive curriculum includes academic programs like Xseed, Leapstart, Lego education, Trinity stars,Waterford learning, WonderGrove learn and Creativity Action Service (C.A.S).It ensures your childs school readiness and gives your child a broad range of knowledge and skills.

At Ashish Nursery, homework begins gently, at the class teacher’s discretion, in Lower kindergarten. In upper kindergaren students receive daily homework assignments with the total time typically ranging from half an hour to an hour.

Extremely well! Our kindergarten thrive at topmost I.C.S.E and I.B schools. While the transition to primary school can naturally pose challenges, Ashish Nursery kindergarten excel at self-advocating for help when they need it, and in persevering with a positive attitude when the work is difficult.

We assess students on basis of activities, worksheets and written assessments once a term.Parents receive a detailed written assessment of their child’s progress at the end of each term. All kindergarten students keep a main lesson book of writings and drawings—a self-created portfolio of the year’s academic work. These books can be reviewed by parents at regular parent meeting The books are sent home in April as a permanent record of what the child has accomplished in that school year.

We recommend a screen-free life for our students at home, especially in the early childhood years. At Ashish Nursery our classrooms are screen-free, and our students thrive, both academically and socially. Our “unplugged” approach is backed not only by current research, but by the hundreds of successful students who have graduated from Ashish Nursery since 1987.

The school does not provide transportation. We only recommend trusted transport operators.

At Ashish Nursery, parents have the opportunity to participate as volunteers in field trips, annual events and activities. Parents also support the work of the classroom teachers by creating a home life conducive to healthy growth and learning. Monthly parent meeting with the class teachers help to create a caring network of support for each child and for the class as a whole.

Students have to carry minimum study material, small brunch tiffin and water bottle regularly in their school bag. All notebooks and text books are kept in their respective class cupboards. On weekend some books are sent home for parents.

Ashish Nursery being the oldest has trained, senior and long years experienced teachers. We are proud to retain teachers having more than 25 years of uninterrupted service.

Fee structure is displayed in the admission section of website. Annual fee is to be paid online in 2 installments. One before admission is confirmed in January and second in the month of September.

The class timings are as follows :

Playgroup & Nursery : 8.30 am - 11.15 am
Kindergarten :              7.50 am - 12.30 pm

Children do not have to give any formal admission test. We meet parents and the child over an informal conversation.

The prime focus of our campus security is complete perimeter sanitisation. Strict control on entry is a key to safety and the school ensures that parents, vehicles, vendors and service providers – use separate manned gates. Round-the-Clock security of the campus is ensured by our security personnel.

To hone the talent of each child and develop specialised skills beyond academic subjects, co-curricular activities (C.C.A) program has been developed. The school has integrated activities like sports intramurals, performing & visual art competitions, English recitation & elocution, Annual concerts, Physical drills, Fancy dress, Morning special assembly, Field visits, Expert talk and many more in the daily school routine.

Under Lego preschool education program students learn hands on learning skills in S.T.E.A.M subjects and are also prepared to participate in international First Lego League Junior (Discovery edition) competition.

Students learn skills of performing arts by taking part in Trinity stars program affiliated to Trinity College of London.They present their group act and their projects before international language expert appointed by Trinity. Students are awarded with merit certificate and gold trinity star.

Ashish Nursery provides student safety insurance by New India Assurance Company to each and every child on school roll.


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